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The Help Clinic - Avoid Getting Fleeced by Get Rich Quick Scams
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Avoid Get Rich Quick Scams and keep your hard earned money!

I was having a sleepless night and so I turned on the television and started flipping channels, I soon came upon an infomercial for Jeff Paul's Internet shortcuts. As I watched this heaping pile of BULL I started thinking about how many unsuspecting people were going to lose their hard earned savings making Jeff Paul even richer still?

I decided to write this article in hopes of helping those of you who are thinking of buying into these schemes avoid losing your money in an already tough economy, but first a little background on myself...

The short sweet version, since there is plenty about me on my other web sites. I am a web developer and programmer by profession with over 23 years in the business including lots of experience with ebay auctions, the adult industry, affiliate programs, and ecommerce sites.

First off let me say that there is money to be made on the internet, but let me also in the same breath assure you there is no magic bullet and I am going to not only explain this to you, but I am going to give you a lesson in logic that will HOPEFULLY save you from being the mark in a every shell and three card monte game to come down the sidewalk!

Tips for making internet money

  • Create a quality website
  • Becoming an affiliate
  • Provide REAL product or services
  • Market your website every day
  • Concentrate on your visitors (Google does not buy from you)



We have all heard that saying but do we ever really think about it?

  • Lesson 1: Nothing is ever truly undersold
    98% of all people in the world are self centered, If they did have a system that was sure fire YOU WOULD NOT BE HEARING ABOUT IT!
    People are inherently greedy, if someone discovered a money tree that truly worked they would most certainly keep it secret, and not go about blabbing it to everyone. So if someone is trying to sell you the map to a gold mine you can bet your life on one piece of logic, it isn't worth as much as they are selling it for, otherwise they would keep it for themselves.
  • Lesson 2: read the fine print
    If you look closely at the bottom of the ads, or TV screen, or the soft spoken voice on the radio talking as fast as humanly possible you will catch a glimpse of the underlying truth... (Unique Result, Individual experience, Results will vary, Etc, Etc Etc)
    They are trying to disclose as discretely as possible that your chances of making the millions they are promising are slim to none.
    They do this only because they are compelled by law to do so.
    They are not compelled to disclose the facts that you still need product or services to make these things fly.
  • Lesson 3: Is it a business or a pyramid?
    Business that does not involve a product or service is just a pyramid. OOOPS, I forgot nobody calls them that anymore because they are illegal... Now they call them MLM's!
    Multi Level Marketing Schemes are yet another way to build a pyramid and the only winner in a pyramid is the guy on the top. In fact that is a HUGE part of what is wrong in America, everyone wants to make something for nothing and so we ended up selling this country to foreign producers and manufactures, people who make REAL products.
    Our stock markets fell and real estate crashed because our trading and investing habits were and to a big extent still are a cleverly designed pyramid. Oil prices were not as high as they were because of shortage or actual cost in production, it was a result of $%^&* day traders driving the price up by trading it back and forth so they could skim a living off the top!
    Real estate crashed because of similar practices, but I digress, this isn't about what's wrong with the economy, it's about saving your wallet from your own stupidity.

Having looked at our there prime examples I will direct your attention back to the first. The get rich quick scheme works on these dynamics (THEY ALL DO).
They rely on the fact that you and I and everyone else wants to take the easy way and not work for our wealth. They rely on the fact that we will blind ourselves to the truth even when it is in front of our faces and we will follow that carrot on that stick right over the edge of the cliff.
By the time we figure it out it is too late and they have all the fine print to protect themselves from a law suit, so we are mainly just S.O.L.

Now you may think I am resentful because I have been scammed, but that isn't the case. In fact I haven't been scammed by any of these, because I don't feed myself the fairy tale.
I did sorta beat dice once in vegas with a mathematical system, but if it really worked well I would probably be retired somewhere and not be trying to save you from yourselves, right? Right, and that's my point with these guys trying to sell you all those get rich quick scams.

BTW, I really did have a winning math system to beat craps. The problem is the fine print at the casino, they can close a table whenever they please and they can refuse to let you play whenever they please, therefore even thought the math is real, I could not run it for more than a few hours without getting tossed out of all the casinos and since it was a nickel and dime deal I only made about $300 for my trouble.

Why am I harping on this? Well, to point out an example. Now I could have written it all into a nice little book and made a lot of money selling it to gamblers everywhere, and I would have probably gotten rich too. But that is not how I am made up ethically, and in order to sell the system I would have had to leave out the part about getting barred from the casinos. I suppose I could have played on everyone thinking they just might be clever enough to pull it off without getting barred, but that would be just as dishonest because in fact anyone trying to use it would have been barred and they are smart enough to do stop you at a point where you could lose the money you originally walked in with too. So enough on the that, I was wanted to point out that most get rich quick schemes have a similar beginning. Sure, you can make a little off it, but in most cases nowhere near the implied results and that is exactly why the smiling salesman will peddle his book, CD, tapes and videos to you, because the real riches are in taking advantage of those desperate people who will cloud their good sense and buy it anyway.

As I said at the beginning of this article, you can make money on the internet but it is done through hard work, diligence and by having real products or services to offer. From the perspective of making money a web site is only an advertising vehicle with which you can make others aware of your products or services while providing a means for them to purchase them if they so desire. I am not going to ask you to buy anything here, in fact this site is totally free. I do make money on the internet but I do it through my other sites..

Those sites make the money to help pay the expenses of this site so I can give a little back to the internet and help people like myself, maybe you, who are struggling in a depressed economy. Hopefully this article will open your eyes and keep you from landing yourselves in the poor house.

Articles throughout this site as well as in the forums are aimed at providing information and resources that can help you understand what is really involved in marking on the internet. It doesn't take a lot of money but it does take a fair amount of work and there is no magic bullet to getting rich.

In future articles I will share with you my experience with online auctions like Ebay, affiliate marketing sights, lead generation programs, and more. But please be aware,  I can only share the knowledge, you'll have to put forth the effort. Some of you may become millionaires and some of you may only make a fair amount of supplemental income, while a lot of you will actually not make enough to be worth the time, but I assure you the reward is equal to the effort and talent you are willing to put into it. Those of you who are looking for something for nothing will most like end up with nothing.

Quality work is a must, creating a good website and offering value is key, and try to forget about the money. If you do a good job the money will be a byproduct of your work and the better your work the more value it will have, the more value it has the more money it will produce...

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